Meet some of our people:



“Trading is in my blood. When I was 9 years old, I bought my first shares, Philips. @11 I traded my first options and made my first 2,000 guilders!”


“One of the exiting elements of being in this business is being one of the first persons in the world who is able to absorb the news as it happens. It is great to scan your information sources and react when something has an impact on your positions”


Trading and Risk

“Although trading is what we do, without a proper risk management system no company survives in this business very long. Outstanding mid-office and risk management is one of UTR8’s competitive advantages in today’s demanding markets”


“Solve the puzzle, decide and go, is what it takes to manage your positions”




"A small, diverse group of people that share the same passion and values. That's what I find at UTR8!"


"Lean, mean and effective is how I would characterize our company"  




"In trading, there is always room for improvement and innovation. And while generally a new trading strategy takes time to develop, at UTR8 we can be up and running with a new idea in a matter of minutes"


"Even the input of junior traders is highly valued, as a fresh perspective on established strategies can sometimes lead to novel  improvements"



"For me, trading is the perfect fit to combine my highly competitive mindset with my numerical skills and passion for data analysis. And even better, it’s fun!"


"Adapting to constantly changing situations and trying to squeeze everything out of the market, while learning so much from increasing responsibilities within the team, is what makes me feel excited doing this job every day!"



"Being a trader requires you to be at the top of your game every day. The game changes with the market and you need to adjust accordingly"


"At UTR8 we have the experience and the skills to do so. Starting as a new trader at UTR8 offers tremendous possibilities. Surrounded by an experienced team, you will be prepared to become a skilled trader with a lot of responsibility in a short period of time"




"There are a lot of opportunities in the Asian markets. For me it’s all about capitalizing on these opportunities and help the company grow by developing new trading strategies"


"Our office in Hong Kong provides a great platform to do so. Therefore, being a trader in Asia has been a great experience since day one"


Trading Support

“Working in the Champions League of the financial world is challenging.

Once you think you have everything under control, somewhere in a datacenter a line is cut or a server is going down”


 “Shouting traders make alarms go off!”

Selection Procedure

Junior Trader

“Can you imagine yourself in an environment where a thrilling event shocks the world and makes everyone 100% focused on the task at hand?”


“Are you an exceptional individual with the desire to create your own career path?”